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    Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Artifex Software, Inc.

    This software is distributed under license and may not
    be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly
    authorized under the terms of the license contained in
    the file LICENSE in this distribution.

    For further licensing information refer to http://artifex.com/ or
    contact Artifex Software, Inc., 7 Mt. Lassen Drive - Suite A-134,
    San Rafael, CA  94903, U.S.A., +1(415)492-9861.

/* symbol dictionary header */

/* the results of decoding a symbol dictionary */
00019 typedef struct {
    int n_symbols;
    Jbig2Image **glyphs;
} Jbig2SymbolDict;

/* decode a symbol dictionary segment and store the results */
jbig2_symbol_dictionary(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, Jbig2Segment *segment,
                  const byte *segment_data);

/* get a particular glyph by index */
Jbig2Image *
jbig2_sd_glyph(Jbig2SymbolDict *dict, unsigned int id);

/* return a new empty symbol dict */
Jbig2SymbolDict *
jbig2_sd_new(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, int n_symbols);

/* release the memory associated with a symbol dict */
jbig2_sd_release(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, Jbig2SymbolDict *dict);

/* generate a new symbol dictionary by concatenating a list of
   existing dictionaries */
Jbig2SymbolDict *
jbig2_sd_cat(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, int n_dicts,
                  Jbig2SymbolDict **dicts);

/* count the number of dictionary segments referred
   to by the given segment */
jbig2_sd_count_referred(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, Jbig2Segment *segment);

/* return an array of pointers to symbol dictionaries referred
   to by a segment */
Jbig2SymbolDict **
jbig2_sd_list_referred(Jbig2Ctx *ctx, Jbig2Segment *segment);

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